Customers need to feel confident that when they buy an Elcora product they have made the right choice. So a range of services is offered to help and guide customers towards making the right decision and to keep their final choice in tip-top condition.

With years of experience, Elcora knows about solar energy. Experts are available to home-owners, developers, architects and engineers for consultations on any aspect of the product range and how to get the best performance.

Although a range of ready-designed products is available, nearly every requirement is different. Consider the possibilities: new or old property, size, number of occupants, number of bathrooms, location, surroundings, access. The list is almost endless. Systems can be designed to take every factor into consideration and maximise solar potential.

Installers are competent and very experienced, and follow all industry safety procedures. They will complete the installation with the minimum of disruption, and supply all information needed to get the best from a system.

Maintenance and service
Elcora systems are efficient and long-lasting and require the minimum of maintenance. However, routine servicing is wise. On request, an engineer will give the system a complete overhaul and test every aspect to ensure the highest level of performance year after year.