Elcora Ltd has been manufacturing and installing high quality solar thermal systems in Cyprus for over 35 years. As long ago as 1959, when solar hot water was in its commercial infancy, founder Costas Nicolaou was installing equipment – and in those days systems were very basic and cumbersome. However, it became increasingly obvious to Costas that the future of solar power as a source of free energy held huge potential, so in 1979 he and his wife Elli started their own business manufacturing and installing systems for the Cyprus market.

We retains a strong commitment to environmental issues and renewable energy solutions

Still a family business, Elcora retains a strong commitment to environmental issues and renewable energy solutions. Managed now by a new generation, there is still an atmosphere of enthusiasm within the company. Everyone is excited about the future and takes an innovative and highly professional approach to all things.

Today, in its modern production facility in Limassol, the company designs and makes a range of high quality solar thermal systems, solar thermal collectors and hot water cylinders and tanks – and because it controls the production process, the company can incorporate industry advances quickly into designs and production methods. This means that consumers always get products that use the very latest innovations.

Sustained investment in new technology applications and production machinery help meet the challenges of today and tomorrow. Recently, the company began manufacturing combi systems: combined solar thermal systems that, through the use of heat exchangers, can provide year-round climate control for domestic and commercial applications. Near-future developments will be next-generation solar and alternative energy systems – including the exciting and dynamic areas of geothermal and photo-voltaic (pv) systems.

Elcora Ltd has grown into one of Cyprus’ most innovative and successful manufacturers and suppliers of solar thermal systems.

This growth has been achieved by following a simple, but effective strategy: never compromising on product quality, while delivering reliable, efficient solar thermal systems at affordable prices.