Elcora is one of the most innovative and successful manufacturers and suppliers of solar thermal systems. The company’s passive systems are distinguished by their technological superiority, steady performance without heat losses and double life span. In passive systems, the storage tank is ‘close-coupled’ to flat thermal collector panels. The system is normally fixed on a roof but can be fitted to any convenient and appropriately facing stable structure that gives maximum exposure to the sun.

Our passive systems are distinguished by their technological superiority

The system operates on the thermosiphonic principle where collector panels, coated with a solar selective surface, absorb the sun’s rays, heating the water in the panels. As the water heats, it rises to the top of the panels and into a tank, displacing cold water, which is then sent to the bottom of the panels - the process is continuous.

  • All systems integrate a supplementary heat source – electricity, gas or oil – for times when the skies are overcast, with reduced solar penetration.