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Does the system need maintenance and service?2017-10-23T16:43:41+03:00

Elcora systems are efficient and longlasting and do not usually require maintenance. However, routine servicing is recommended. On request an engineer will give your system a complete overhaul and test its every aspect to ensure the highest level of performance year after year.

Does the installation take long?2017-10-23T16:43:29+03:00

The installation does not take more than a couple of hours from our very experienced staff who follows all the industry safety procedures and make sure to cause the least disruption possible.

Does the system still operate even when it is cloudy?2017-10-23T16:43:14+03:00

On cloudy days with low sun radiation, an Elcora system might not attain its maximum performance but still has the capability to produce a percentage of its usual production.

How can we choose the right system for us?2017-10-23T16:43:01+03:00

For choosing the right system you have to take into consideration the following key factors: A) How many people live in the house. B) How much in capacity will be the needs for hot water. C) How big the house is. D) The amount of available sun. E) The climate in your area.

What are the environmental benefits of an Elcora system?2017-10-23T16:42:49+03:00

Water heating accounts for almost 35% of the overage household’s energy usage. Getting your hot water free from the sun not only saves energy it also saves the green house gas emission that would have been produced in the generation of that energy.

How long does it take to attain payback?2017-10-23T16:42:33+03:00

An Elcora system will approximately need an average of four or five year to attain payback and has a life span of more than twenty.

How much will Elcora’ s system save me?2017-10-23T16:42:08+03:00
Elcora system will save you up to 95% of the energy consumption of domestic hot water needs.
What are the key elements of the Elcora design?2017-10-23T16:41:54+03:00

• A cost effective solar thermal product.
• An aesthetically pleasing look.
• Does not require maintenace.
• Safe and easy to install.
• Satisfies ecologically sensitive regional planning requirement.

Why choose ELCORA SYSTEMS?2017-10-23T16:40:05+03:00

You choose Elcora systems for their high quality standards, their latest technological advances, their reliability and efficiency, their maximum performance and their minimum maintenance.

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