We are amongst the most innovative and successful manufacturers and suppliers of solar thermal systems.

Elcora is one of the most innovative and successful manufacturers and suppliers of solar thermal systems. Continuous research and development, and the incorporation of new technologies into designs and manufacturing processes ensure that Elcora systems keep pace with international standards and industry advances, and that their products are of the highest quality.


The company’s passive systems are distinguished by their technological superiority, steady performance without heat losses and double life span. In passive systems, the storage tank is ‘close-coupled’ to flat thermal collector panels. The system is normally fixed on a roof but can be fitted to any convenient and appropriately facing stable structure that gives maximum exposure to the sun.

The system operates on the thermosiphonic principle where collector panels, coated with a solar selective surface, absorb the sun’s rays, heating the water in the panels. As the water heats, it rises to the top of the panels and into a tank, displacing cold water, which is then sent to the bottom of the panels – the process is continuous.


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Active systems operate on the same principles of thermosiphonics, except that the storage tank is situated away from the panels. The main advantage is that the tank can be located in a space that is out of sight, and even in an insulated location, reducing heat loss and improving efficiency.

This system requires a pump and controller to get the cold water from the tank to the panels for it to be heated. These systems are a little more expensive to install because of their complexity. However, the price premium is outweighed by aesthetics – with only the panels being visible – and active systems are the most popular solar thermal system.


An extension of the active system, the combi system also uses thermal collector panels on the roof and a storage tank located away from the panels. In this system, the storage tank is divided into sections by heat exchangers.

Through a sophisticated pump and controller, hot water is available for the household supply, but also for other requirements – heating a swimming pool or central heating, for example.

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Elcora designs and manufactures solar thermal collectors. The very latest heat-absorbing materials are used, and every component is thoroughly tested.

Critical components are produced using state-of-the-art laser welding technology for total precision, and new industry advances are incorporated as soon as they come to the market.

Because the panels are subjected to harsh weather conditions only the most durable materials are used, so that an extended working life can be expected from Elcora collectors.

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The company has been making hot water cylinders for 35 years, and today uses the latest precision automatic welding machinery in its production processes.

Cylinders are housed inside anodised aluminium external casings, insulated with recyclable, environmentally friendly, high-density polyurethane foam, and are available in a range of capacities.

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